Sunday, December 26, 2004


Today has been a mostly good day! Yeah I had to go to work, but I had a good laugh with Sarah Campbell reminding her of all the mad things that happened on Friday night when a load of us went out and got sloshed! I spent the day wandering about checking lists and sticking about 50,000 "Half Price" stickers onto books.

The last two weeks were absolutely crazy! I meant to post in here last week about all the lovely people who came in to see me at work, and about my new sofas and gorgeous Welsh Dresser and the kids being back at work and sending out presents to all sorts of people (and the fact that my sister's book was £9.09 but the shipping was £23.50! - Bloody Amazon!) and and and.....


I got some beautiful cards from some beautiful people, especially the two I had from Corey and Brianne which were from the same set! I bought stuff from Argos and duplicated an order when they neglected to send me a confirmation email (so I have about £150 due back from them soon). I spent £413 at the Compton Hospice shop so I have gorgeous furniture and donated to a fabulous cause all in one go!

I bought lots and lots of books from work, and Phoenix set up my library bookshelves for me so I now have places to put them too!

I spent a fabulous evening out with some very very good friends enjoying some good drinks, scaring my work colleagues, playing Cliff Richard in the Gifford (hey, they had it as a choice on the jukebox!) and eating rather nice curry.

I spent a crazy evening with my workmates drinking far too much and eating "kebab meat with extra mint sauce and mayonaise please" ala Sarah Campbell.

I opened some beautiful gifts from beautiful people and spent some time with gorgeous kittens and my fabulous man.

Tomorrow I have a weekly discussion to write, parents and in-laws to entertain, Phoenix's cooking to organise (turkey, beef, Yorkshire puds, roast potatoes and parsnips - good job I bought him Delia Smith for Christmas) and some nice wine to drink.

So two days off beckon, then it's work, day off, work and three days off!

Open house here on New Year's Day afternoon btw. Come and sit on the new sofas and snuggle with the kittens. You know you want to.

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Morganna said...

Sounds lovely... wish I could be there. :) Happy New Year!