Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Heavenly kittens

They got me up and going today when I woke up in a blue mood. Didn't feel like I couldn't get up and carry on, more that I couldn't be bothered. But they got me up and about and now they are sleeping on me and making cute sounds in their sleep.

Have had four or five people visit me at work this week, A couple of them I was glad to see and want to see more of them despite everything, a couple were fabulous visits from fabulous people, and one I just don't think I'm bothered about too much anymore. Our friendship has just died a death I guess, we were good friends once but then they just stopped putting any effort into the friendship, I was calling and saying do you wanna do this and that and never getting anything back. Just sad when things dribble out like that I guess.

The moot was groovy last night, good food, good people, and thanks to Bizkitts mobile phone we had some good music too!

Mum's emailed me a pixture of millions of sheep and Emily's sent me pics of her mates (and her pink cast), and I spoke to dad at the weekend so I know my family are doing well too. Now I just have to find something useful for my dad for christmas!

Work calls, off to deal with busy things!

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