Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Emily took this while we were opening pressies on the 25th, I'd just run out of Bucks Fizz.

Things here have been rather hectic for a while, what with all my silly shifts at work, trying to level up to 50 on WoW before going home for Xmas, going home, coming back and then more work.....

Roll on Tuesday when I have a day off!

Found a list of 100 things we didn't know this time last year on the BBC, lots of cool facts.

I bought myself French Kiss with some of my vouchers from Phoenix and intended to watch it tonight (he's at t'pub) but Love Actually turned out to be on so I'm watching that instead.

Now what's missing....

Oh yes, the all important list of presents received for Yule, Xmas and my birthday.

Well you're not getting the whole list, just my three favourite pressies (all purchased by the man I married).
1. A laptop. (Admittedly second-hand, but good enough for the stuff I needed it for).
2. £50 of vouchers - I've mostly bought books but did buy 2 films and CD too!
3. A HATSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!! I have wanted one for soooooooo long and now it's here and mine and Foley keeps climbing it!

Right, you should have enough here to keep you ticking over for a bit, I'm off to eat some chocolates, drink some very nice wine and watch my very soppy film.


MarkFarley said...

She's alive!!!!

Nice pic, shame about the hand!

Happy New year Darling

Kate said...

I was trying to be mysterious - all the other pictures she'd been taking were black and white and I thought that one was too!

I will answer your email soon, probably tomorrow...