Saturday, January 14, 2006


I'm not used to working five days in a row, I do it one week out of every four at the moment and I'm always wiped out by the end of the week. If I did it more often then I'd get used to it I guess, plus this week I've still had the last dregs of the nasties I was fighting off before Xmas that then clobbered me last week.

Dunno what I'm going to be working the next few weeks. Poor old Campbelli has managed to tear her calf muscle at the back of one of her knees and so she's at home watching Emmerdale and other bad daytime tv for the next few weeks. This means that next week I'll be working Sunday with Bod and Chris is going to be reworking the rotas to make everything fit.

Poor little Campbelli (who may well be reading this in her quest for freedom from daytime tv). We miss her. (We do, honest, work's not the same without your filthy laugh!)

In other news Leyton Orient kicked some arse last Sunday - I was listening to the match after I posted and sending texts out when goals were scored and penalties missed.
As for Celebrity Big Brother I've managed to mostly escape watching it. I watched them all go in last week and I've seen about 2 of the evening shows but that's about it. I do feel sorry for Jodie Marsh though. Ok so she's famous for dressing in not a lot, but I so prefer her to "How big can I make my breasts go" Jordan. I found out the other day that Jodie Marsh is not only from Brentwood (where Phoenix's folks live) and went to Brentwood School (posh and private, Phoenix didn't go there thankfully) but she's also only four days older than me. So the people who bullied her at school are probably the people that certain people who bullied me at school were friends with (and mentioned every five minutes - "My friends from Brentwood School...", "Oh yes, Sophie, she's at Brentwood School". So just fuck off there and join them and leave me in peace!)
Ahem... anyway. I like her. She's doing stuff she wants to do and standing up for herself and if the "nation" prefers a transvestite (he soooo is) in a gorilla fur coat then it just proves once again how different I am from the "nation" (probably made up of all the bullies from both our schools).

Ranting? Me?

I just have never had time for people who spend their time trying to prove that they're better than you. So what you come in with your boyfriend in his Gap gear, wearing a mini skirt over your perma-tan and look down on me as I sell you a copy of Sharon Osbourne. I'm the one who gets to go home and snuggle with my husband while you have to go spend money you don't have on making yourself look "beautiful" so your Gap dressed sleazebag doesn't leave you for a younger, oranger girl. Not to mention the whole "I'm a better Pagan than you are cos I handmake everything and don't own a tv" thing.


Go enjoy your Saturday, I'm enjoying mine!

Edited: Just nipped onto Mark's Blog and saw his comments about Jodie too! I also managed to find her blog via the fabulously useful Wikipedia.

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