Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yay! Another day off!

That makes work sound awful, when in fact it's been quite fun. Hectic, but fun. But I still want more time to be at home and do home-type things. Now where did I put those winning lottery numbers....

I haven't been hugely productive today, unlike Sunday where I cleaned right through downstairs. Today I have done some washing, stripped the bed and thrown away a whole black bag full of junk that was tidily piled on the bookshelf (and really didn't look like a whole black bagful when it was on the bookshelf).

Also today I've been watching lots of Buffy. Buffy puncuates lots of odd points of my life, from watching it at odd points at uni, to watching the last episode snuggled up with Phoenix. Sky show various episodes throughout the day on Sky One and Sky Two and I tend to stick it on when I have a day off. I have series 1 and series 3 on video (very bad quality) and the dvd sets are something I've been meaning to buy for I don't know how long. I shall keep them on my wishlist with the Charmed DVD's and buy them when those numbers turn up.

Lovely, lovely Pami sent me my birthday pressie - a Cath Kidston needle-case. It may not sound exciting to you, but I LOVE it! It's all Cath Kidstony and cute and flowery and useful!

Yes, I know. I want to be a housewife in a shabby chic style house and watch Buffy and Charmed all day long. Hey, I'd have more time to update my blog, even though my sister will laugh at me.

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