Saturday, January 28, 2006

There's a very scary man... my house. He's all hairy and sitting next to me playing on the PS2. Hang on a's my husband! This is the first Saturday that we've spent together since the 10th of December. It's quite frightening knowing that I get to spend all day with him, thank goodness for computers or we'd actually have to have a conversation!

I actually get him for TWO days as the wrestling training is cancelled tomorrow due to the Wolves/Man U game. I can't remember the last time we spent the whole weekend together...think it was the summer last time.

I've been doing all sorts of things this week, but still haven't finished my cross-stitch project or read any more of Great Expectations. Think I'll have to work on those later. I've been thinking about doing some studying with The Open University. I like the idea of doing a few different courses (but I'm not going to try to do An Introduction to the Humanities again, I've started it twice!). I think the most likely courses will be Introducing Astronomy, Understanding Human Nutrition or Modelling the Climate. I do quite fancy the Discovering Science course but I think I'll start small. I also think that doing this course will possibly help in the future too! lolololol

In the last week I've had all sorts of deep thoughts about subjects including books, people, cats, trees, cars, housework, clothing, food, advertising, writing and various other things. However, these musings usually occur on the walk home and by the time I get online the coherent bits have blown away like smoke. I'll try for some deep thoughs on here one day soon, probably.

Right, where's breakfast?

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