Thursday, January 05, 2006


Yes folks, I finally succumbed to the creeping lurgy.

I was too busy to be ill before xmas (work), too busy to be ill over xmas (family) and too busy to be ill over New Year (work). So naturally as soon as I have a couple of days off I'm straight on the Lemsip (I really want that mug now) and Buttercup syrup and I scare the cats everytime I sneeze.

I have just been cheered up by a notification email telling me about this very funny and true post on Mark Farley's Blog. The Da Vinci Code thing - soooo true, but we don't get the same class of religious nutters up here in Wolverhampton, just the man in the cowboy hat who thinks that Tim Henman losing at Wimbledon is a CIA plot.

I have been entertaining myself this morning by planning things I want to do this year.

These include reading one book a month that I wouldn't normally read (I think it's going to be Great Expectations this month), decluttering etc. a la FLYlady, and doing more cross-stitch as I get frustrated with the number of projects I plan to do that don't get done.

Projects planned for this year:

Finish the Oranges and Lemons cross stitch. I have to do the light orange at the top of the word 'Orange', do the ivy stuff on the right and backstitch round the words.

My main 'must-do' project is this footstool that I want to do for Rene as a birthday present. All the fabric and threads arrived today from Sew and So which means I can get started as soon as I finish the Oranges and Lemons one.

The other projects I want to do are mostly shown here. I got the fabric and thread for the Desperate/Domestic Zero/Hero ones too as they should be quick to do and I can do them in breaks from the footstool. The other ones will all just have to wait until I have time to do them!

Right, I'm off to watch French Kiss and finish that stitching!

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