Monday, January 30, 2006

I did have some deep thoughts...

...but they've all evaporated again!

So instead I will share a nice thing and a funny thing.

Nice thing: I was reading the Essex page on the BBC and followed a link to this article. I thought to myself, there can't be two European schools in Essex... and there aren't! Well done to the Anglo European School for getting into the Good Schools Guide. They're a new addition this year and I'm very proud of my old school and the people that have got it there. It's a great tribute to Mr Reed who sadly died suddenly last year. I'm sure he'd have loved it.

Funny thing:

It's time for a fashion tweak -- a small change here or there to keep things fresh.

That's part of my horoscope for today, and today I wore jeans for about the first time in 2/3 years! Last time I can clearly remember wearing them was the day we moved up here in 2002, and after circumstances in April/May 2003 (Georges and my Grandad's deaths, and me breaking my arm) meant I comfort ate and put on two stone (get up at 8am, open bottle of beer and tube of Pringles, play on computer for 15 hours straight, repeat for 2 weeks) my jeans would no longer fit and I kept talking myself out of buying new ones. But last week I went and bought some £9 jeans from M&S and today I wore them for the first time. It was weird, my legs felt all funny and I kept looking down at them to check they were mine!
I will wear them again sometimes, but not everyday, it was so nice having people go "Wow! You've got legs!". lololol

Right, I'm hungry (after feeling sick all day), lets eat something nutritious. Where's those Pringles....

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