Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Good job I've got a day off today as I'm completely wiped out. I have a mean cough and sore throat and I just hope that's all it stays as.

Thank goodness for internet shopping. The lovely Sainsbury's just delivered our shopping so I can eat something nutritious while I flake out on the sofa and watch Buffy. Not having a car means that shopping either has to be done in carriable portions - which is fine usually, but for days like today which entail cat litter and washing power and other heavy things, internet shopping rules.

Although I'm so knackered I've only put the fridge and freezer stuff away so that means Foley is perched on a four pack of orange juice watching me type this. Sily cat, he likes sitting on things. Even if it's just a book on the floor he'll sit on that rather than the floor so he's slightly higher up.

Bleh, need to sleep. Laters.

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