Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monthly Goals

I've decided to add my monthly goals to the sidebar so that I won't keep chopping and changing them and so that I'm vaguely held accountable for saying yes I did them or no I didn't.

I took possession of some of the most beautiful notebooks in the world today. I'd ordered them before Xmas, some for me and some as gifts and I ordered them too late :-( But they're here now! I shall save one for a birthday instead of Xmas, and the other two I shall post as belated pressies instead.

The ones I got for myself are:

The foiled one, in the maxi unlined version,

The Morrocan Horses and the Indigo Sky Mares,

The Mirror Vine one.

They are even more beautiful in the "flesh" than seen on screen. I'm about to fill in my new diary and can't bear to use a biro in it yet so the turquoise ink fountain pen is out!

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