Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pseudonym time

I was chatting about blogs with a colleague at work and asked if I could big up her fabulous talent for making CD's for us to listen to at work. She agreed, but then asked to have a pseudonym...

After a quick flick through some baby name books nothing much had suggested itself but then when another song of hers came on I knew just what it had to be.

So here's to the fabulous "Jolene" whose musical taste and talent for joking makes our days just flow by. We'll miss you!


PPQ said...

What a great pseudonym...Jolene is one of the best songs ever!

Kirsti said...

I always wanted to like... rewrite the song Jolene to say that she can take the goddam man and make him leave the key. Does this interest you? No. But it's very relevant for me. Also, you are getting married on the EXACT same day as my sister and CONGRATS! :)