Monday, May 23, 2005


I'm a sleepy Kate...

I did spend a lovely lazy weekend though. I didn't manage to do any website work or reviews (sorry), but read some books, watched Grand Prix racing and did some cross stitch.

I also came up with an idea for a sampler for my library, but I'm making myself finish my current project first or it'll never get done and that would be a shame.

Still looking forward to the camping next week, it'll be great to spend time with some truly great friends, something I've missed during my withdrawn days.

I've had some replies to the wedding invites and although there are people who can't be there who I wanted to see, there are also people who I though wouldn't make it who will be there.

Oh, and if you ever need a fabulous place to stay in Derbyshire, try Windlehill Farm. My parents knew them when they lived in Butterow (in Gloucestershire, my parents moved there with me when we left Bahrain) and we stayed in The Chop House my middle summer of 6th form (nine years ago it must be, as my dad turned 50 then too). My bedroom was that top left one, and Emily used to play hen skittles (look at the pictures of the woman looking over the door, then make her a 10 year old who likes opening the door at speed and scaring the chickens!).

Ohhh, getting dozy again, time for sofa, kittens, cross-stitch and Phoenix.

But first a toast: "To Friendship".

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