Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Up early again

Ok, so 7 isn't early really, as it's the time I normally get up on my days at work, but 7 on my day off is early...I usually manage another hour!

So that means that I've already done most of my pootling around on the internet, including playing on Neopets (although I've saved some games for later). So now what?

Well I have some washing up to do....but I'm really not in the mood for that just now (oh and for any FLYLady peeps, I'm dressed to my shoes and my sink is shiny) so I think I shall just go play more Simpsons. I'm trying to complete each level to 100%, perfectionist me.

Oh, post just arrived...


...boring, bank statement. Yesterdays post was much more exciting: 2 Lush face-masks (to sort my skin out before the wedding), three acceptance cards for the wedding and a letter from my parents friends Frank sending his apologies (he's building an extension to an orphans house in Lusaka so can't make it) and our first proper wedding present.

It's earmarked for a gorgeous picture of something that makes me think of him and Theresa, probably a French-style painting.

Right, lets go get Bart captured by aliens.

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