Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Not really a morning person

I've never really been a morning person....I'm definitely an evening person. When I have time off and don't have to get up for anything my body clock sets itself to get up at about 11 and go to bed at 2. Good, until I have to go back to work and I spend the first few mornings in a blur.

The daylight clock that my mother got me for Yule has been working well and I've been waking up in the dark wintry mornings to nice light and have felt good. Now that the dawn is getting earlier though, I'm waking up at 5ish. It's not a huge problem because I can wake up, look at the clock and go back to sleep...usually. This morning I woke at 5 and went back to sleep for about an hour, then I was wide awake again.

So I got up at 6, and I've been puttering around and reading, using the playstation and checking email etc. It was nice to have the time to do all this in the morning, but now that I have to start getting ready for work, I'M KNACKERED!

It's like my body has just gone, nah...I'm tired now and I just want to go back to bed!

Good job it's the morning meeting today, we get to sit down for half-an-hour and discuss ways to sell more books and RichieFingers's fabulous Hitchhiker's window display complete with giant Marvin standee.

Never mind, day off tomorrow. Then even if I do wake up full of energy at some strange time, I do have the option to doze on the sofa at half-eight if I get tired, rather than heading off to face the delights of the Wolverhampton ring-road during rush hour (stopping at red lights seems to be a new thing here, meaning crossing the road is a definite experience).

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