Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well I've been and voted.

I had a choice of five candidates: Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, UKIP (UK Independence Party) and BNP (British National Party).

I chose the Lib Dems, (mo surprise there then) but was intrigued by the BNP candidate.....

Our "local" BNP candidate lives in... Cornwall!
It's obviously legal...but very very strange. Perhaps he's well aware that if he was a BNP candidate actually living in a majority Asian/Black area that he wouldn't have many friends. I guess it makes sense though. He's a man who dislikes "foreigners" so he chooses to live in a part of England where there aren't many.


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MarkFarley said...

There seemed to be a few more of us lib dem supporters around this time....

The BNP... well, their scarce members were strategically placed in heavily ethnic areas and areas with white sympathy. Hence the candidacy in Wolverhampton... Trust me there was no BNP running in the affluent white area where the Bookseller to the Stars works.... xx