Sunday, August 08, 2004

Very busy week...

Well Georgia Belle has been and gone, she's on her plane home right now. It was so fabulous to meet her, this week will be remembered for lots of fun stuff and frolics, rather than the slime that is so close to the top right now.

I bonded so much with the other Glastonbury Campers this week as well. I learnt a lot of stuff about myself and other people. I did tarot readings for Jennie and Juell that they liked lots and that made sense for them, and I did one for the camping trip that I shouldn't have dismissed.

One of the things I learnt was to trust my own intuition. It's strange you know, various people have been telling me this for ages but when it came down to it they were the ones telling me I was wrong. Well, they have their opinions and I have mine and I know we can still get along even though we differ on this. The issue will hopefully never come up again.

I've been cleaning since Mab and Aud left after we dropped Georgia at the airport. I've cleansed all round the house to get rid of the slimy energy I've felt for most of the week, I've washed lots of things and sorted stuff for disposal too. I've been quite productive considering how tired I am! I just keep remembering how perfect the time in the meadow at Chalice Wells was, with the blue sky overhead and Jamie blowing bubbles.

Now Phoenix wants the computer so I shall work out how we're going to organise the ritual room for ourselves (and the WWWG) and I'll probably do some sewing too. I might just make a start on the apparently "horrible" Southern Belle pattern that I bought on eBay, although I've got some protection and confidence charms that I want to work on for a friend who got hit hard by stuff this week.

*grabs up Chalice Well water and smudge sticks and goes to fight last drops of slime*

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