Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Weird Television

I've been watching very random television this week. Mainly it's cos there's nothing on I've been planning to watch so when I go down to cross-stitch I end up watching half a film or lots of Kerrang! music.

Tonight I solved a few tv watching problems when I discovered Noggin. Not Noggin the Nog alas, but other very good tv shows. Tonight I watched Paddington Bear (2 episodes), The Wombles (2 episodes), Portland Bill, The Clangers and Mr Benn. Then I went through and bookmarked them for tomorrow too.

I also discovered various bits of Olympics to bookmark for next week, although I still get pissed off at the fact that they show endless heats of the swimming and only show edited snippets of the show jumping and cross-country (plus about 30 seconds of dressage). More Equestrianism on tv please!

I then bookmarked the wrestling for Sunday, as Bizkitt is coming round to watch Summerslam with Phoenix. I have work so probably will be snoozing away upstairs while they get all manly downstairs. As long as they're reasonably quiet...

I saw about 15 minutes of Broken Arrow before Phoenix came down so I could come online. It looked ok, I may attempt to finish watching it sometime.

I keep trying to press buttons on the screen.....that's a real side-effect from the new touch screen tills at work. They're pretty good except that they're all slightly too low, not a problem now but after a 2 hour stint at christmas it could be a killer. But hopefully I'll have sorted my back out by then.

I was healthy today and had a salad for lunch. *listens to people fainting* ok, so it was a McDonalds salad! There was an advert about the fact that if you buy a salad happy meal you get a pedometer (step measury thingy) with it. So I went in and asked for it only to be told they'd run out. The girl suggested I go back tomorrow so I will, but I won't have another salad. The green stuff was mostly ok but a couple of bits were really bitter so i devoured the crispy chicken bits (which were lovely) and then ate.....a Toffee Crisp McFlurry. Hey, can't be healthy ALL the time right?

I keep looking round this room and working out where I want to move things to. I'll do some rearranging on Sunday maybe.

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