Thursday, August 19, 2004

I am so damn proud!

I've just sent out text messages to the weekend kids from work to find out how they did in their A Level exams.

Kate J got AABC and will be going to Southampton.

Katie W got AAB and will be going to Newcastle.

Matt got BCE and will be going to Bournemouth.

I'm so proud of them for all the work they did and the fact that they've all got in to their first choice universities, but I'm really sad that they're going to be leaving us!

Kate J always keeps me smiling, Katie W makes me CDs to keep me happy...and Matt always looks cute and so makes my surroundings much better to look at! LOL.

Still waiting to find out how Phoenix's brother Matt has done this time, will add that to this post when I find out!

In other news, my sister (who did the IB so got her marks about a month ago) has found out why she hasn't heard back from Glamorgan yet....UCAS hadn't sent her results through!!!!

So a little fireball of get-your-butt-moving energy to UCAS would be most appreciated.

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