Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I just laughed so much that I'm totally Mutleyed.

A triumphant message from Norman, King of Gnomes:

The King of Gnomes to me he said,
Today as I was lying on my bed,
"Will you, good Sir, give all my thanks
To the Limeys, Welsh, misc and Yanks
Who took your heed to scroll up top
to stop my brothers from going pop
and deliver them a present dear
that I have been working on for near a year.
That gift is such, which once was mine,
a word for Grove with which to rhyme
So my best to you on Witchgrove
And the best from my dog - his name is Rove-
...r .........

No wait... dont write that last bit down, let me think...... OK how
about 'and my dog is choking on a clove?' No? What do you mean its
not true? Im the King of Gnomes young man! Here doggy-doggy,
Rover.... Too violent? Ok. Well...erm.. Are you still writing this
down? Dont put that, and make the whole thing rhyme. And sort your
hair out you hippy. And... wait, dont click that Scroll up, SCROLL
UP.... *POP*"

Gnomes work hard to run the net,
Without their help we'd have never met,
But I have a habit I have to stop,
I think its funny when Gnomes go *POP*.

Copyright Phoenix Thorn 2004

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Anonymous said...

Hee! I love it. [Giggles.]