Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Phoenix couldn't sleep last night...

...so he wrote poetry instead.

Whether you're Witch
Or whether you're Wittan,
In the US, Europe or Britain,
Whether your druid, heathen or Celt,
There's a place that love can always be felt.
Its a little place right here on-line,
Where everything is good, everythings fine,
Some talk of laughter others appease,
People like me only spout Cheese,
But one things for certain as I sit by my stove,
It really hard to rhyme the word 'Grove'.


When you're surfing the internet back at home,
Dont make the mistake of thinking your alone,
For in Pagan Cyberland a few creatures reside,
Who run and duck and duck and hide,
From pagan 'Real-ies' who invade their home,
With broad band connection or dial-up phone.
For their existance is always threatened,
By lazy 'Realies' not nuclear weapons,
So after you click - scroll back to the top,
Coz every half page makes a Gnome go Pop.


That's what happens when he can't sleep....

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