Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yes, I know...

...but I have been rather busy this week!

I have been reevaluating a lot of things and realised I was holding on to a whole load of "stuff" that I really should say goodbye to. So I have been sorting stuff out and working my way through things.

I finally bought a book that first came to my attention last year (!) when it fell on my head at work. Since then it's kept cropping up but I've looked at it and just thought "next month" but this time I trusted my vibes (lol) and bought the thing. Unusually for a non-fiction book I read it straight through and I'm now working my way back through it doing the exercises etc.

I have next week off so shall try to update on here everyday, if only to tell you what cleaning I've been doing as I'm going to start working with FLYlady again. Not bad for a suggestion which started as a joke email, it's actually working for me!

Right, I'm off for yet another relaxing evening - they're happening a lot this week and it's a fabulous change!


EmLah said...

its good that u r being so relaxed..... but update ur blog more i live a very borig life.

MarkFarley said...

what book?

Kate said...

I thought I'd put it's name in there! It's called Trust Your Vibes (no, not that kind of vibe the other)