Sunday, July 31, 2005

Peaceful Sunday....

...well actually it's not THAT peaceful as I have the MotoGP on the telly so the living room is filled with the sound of revving engines.

Yesterday Juell took us off to Dovedale which was very very very nice. She knew I'd been having problems not getting out into the country enough so decided last week that she'd take us out to frolick in the country.

We started the day with muffins (and orange choc-chip icecream for me) and then walked up to the Dove Holes caves. Then we wandered back again. We paddled and looked in caves and took pictures and got drizzled on and laughed lots and lots. Then when we got back we all had icecreams and then drove to Ashbourne for a quick look round the market (I bought an old-fashioned dish mop) and then lunch.

Then we headed home through a small thunderstorm as Biz had to go to work at 10 (night-shifts).

A very very nice day, the nicest day I've spent in the country since we went camping in May really! I have taken pictures, but haven't got the time to faff with uploading them at the moment so will do it another day. I have Wednesday off so will try to do it then.

Ok, time to do more washing-up, laundry and then snuggle with the kittens and sew while I watch the Grand Prix.

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