Tuesday, July 12, 2005


They're announcing names of the bomb victims on the BBC and have just confirmed that two of the missing are dead. It's silly cos it's been five days and you know that if they could get in touch they would have done. But these two were the two I heard about first, the two that I first focused on when I started sending energy, so it hurts.

The BBC's Missing page gives so many more names today than it has before. I knew there would be Essex folks on it, but it really brings it home how close Matt was when I read that one of the missing is from Billericay. It means I can visualise her exact journey, right the way through from walking over the station bridge that smells of the paint from playgroup, standing on the station waiting for the train to come round the corner, and the whole journey into London.

May you move on in peace and dignity to a world that is free of pain, and may you know that those who never met you, love you.

Added 4/8/05.

Carrie Taylor. Yup, I was at primary school with her, in fact I think she was a friend of a friend back then. Brings it closer again dammit.

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Mab said...

I spotted the Billicey one and thought on you.

I don't think I realized how close Essex was to London before, which is stupid, because I've been there.