Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yep, I'm at it again.

I'm so bad at posting when I say I will (plus I have emails I need to answer) but life is sooo busy!

I'm reorganising the house in stages, doing Su Doku between laundry loads, cataloguing my books (and tearing my hair out trying to remember who's borrowed what), writing thankyou letters to my wedding guests and then Phoenix went and bought World of Warcraft and either he's been playing or I have (I'm Petronella, currently a Level 11 Rogue). It's great fun but rather addictive. I say things like "Just let me finish this quest and then I'll do whatever" and then the quest takes ages or it leads onto doing more things.
I do recommend the game, but only if you have spare time and a sympathetic partner who will understand you talking about Gnolls ears and bandit armbands!

Oh, bedtime (very early compared to last three nights at 1.30am - but we have work tomorrow) and I shall stay off the PC in the morning or I'd definately be late for work.

Now then, where's that Su Doku book, I'll just do a couple before I go to bed......

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