Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Worker sacked over blog comments

BBC Story

Joe's Blog note the permanent link in the sidebar too.

Does this mean that as well as all the abusive email I have received over the last 6 months for expressing my feelings I could get sacked too??

For talking about the rude, nasty customers that I deal with every day? For mentioning the fact that certain colleagues of mine really piss me off when they can't be arsed to do their jobs properly? For bigging up the wonderful people I work with every day?

Better not talk about the work do last Saturday as I intended to do tonight. Especially since we'd had an email round asking us to behave with decorum as we were representing the company. Good job none of us were wearing our badges in Walkabout then isn't it!

Oh, but I do have to say three cheers to the wonderful guy at head office (better not mention his name in case I get sued) who has now fixed things so that the Waterstone's web site recognises that there is in fact a branch in Wolverhampton. Although that was probably Amazon's fault really....

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