Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Relaxing day off

I actually got up early today. Well, not early by going-to-work standards as then I would have been very late, but early by day-off standards.

I've been quite productive too! The second litter tray is currently soaking in the bath, and the first one is all shiny clean and refilled and the hall is free of cat litter underfoot (worse than gravel). Later I'm planning to work on my library and sort out exactly what I'm going to be eating on this Curves diet thing that I start on Friday. (Yes Friday is an odd day to start a diet, but I get paid on Thursday and therefore will have the money for food). I'm actually really looking forward to it.

I've been watching/listening to VH-1 do a countdown of the 1000 No. 1 singles that we've had in the UK. The countdown has reached May 1994 and Prince has just been singing about The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. I still like that song, blame it on my ex. Anyway, what I noticed was the number of number ones that Take That had. I started watching the countdown when it was in summer 1993 and know I'd just missed watching "Pray" (which I've just remembered never made No.1, it only got to 2 and we thought they'd been robbed!). I've also seen five other songs of theirs come on. So they basically had 6 number ones in about 6 months....very impressed. Plus I know they had a few more after that.

It was nice seeing Robbie Williams as a clean-cut lad once again. But I think on the whole I do prefer him a bit rough around the edges.

Right, off to tackle the library again!

Oh dear...the Manchester United song has just come on.....and I STILL know all the words!

Added at 13.00

Well I listed a load of books and then came down to add them to the spreadsheet. The last Take That song was playing on VH-1. Actually I don't think that Never Forget was their last No.1, but it was their last with Robbie, and it made me cry all over again. I'd mainly got over my Take That phase by the time they split but it was still pants. The next song they played was Blur's Country House, very fitting as they were who I was listening to a lot at the time.

Phoenix just came home early so I'm going to go snuggle.

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