Sunday, January 02, 2005

Nice couple of days off

I've actually been able to relax for the first time in ages! Before this it was all work, work, work...and the days off I had were spent organising the house. But I've just spent two days doing exactly what I wanted to; having two great evenings with friends, playing on the PS2, watching TV (some educational stuff and lots of Britsh Comedy) and chilling with my lovely man.

Tomorrow we're going to Avebury with Jamie and Jason for the day, will be colder than last time I was there for sure!

I've also been thinking about things I wish to achieve this year. I plan to get more organised in general and spend more time with the people I like and doing the things I like. This means that a few things will have to be let go, but that's all part of life right? The things I don't want to do (that aren't essential to life, like paying rent...) have pretty much been cut out already, so it's just a case of sorting out the last few things.

Speaking of things to let go. Whoever you are, person that's been sending me abusive emails for 5 months now - get over it. I've put up with it mainly because they don't affect me anymore, I've moved on. But the fact that you still feel the need to send them this far down the line makes me rather worried about you. Let it go mate, move on. Spend your time doing something constructive instead: raise money for those affected by the tsumani, read a good book, email someone you like, laugh, watch kittens - have FUN!

I'm going to find a few more cards on The Simpsons: Hit and Run and snuggle with Esme (who is in such a snuggly mood that she curled up on my shoulders while I was in the bath!) and then head to bed so I'm refreshed for the morning.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season, life is good, go live it!

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