Sunday, January 16, 2005

Well it's been quite a productive weekend.

I've reorganised most of my books upstairs, just have to sort the pagan bookcase out really. Then of course I need to get them all listed onto a spreadsheet so I know exactly what I've got.

The living room is also pretty damn tidy, the only paperwork floating around is because we just redid our budget to allow for the fact that we no longer have to pay £300 a month to credit card companies.

We've watched some good documentaries, some football and a couple of romantic films. Plus I completed another level on the Simpsons game and redid the template for this here blog.

I'm feeling really relaxed and re-energised for the week ahead (which is only two days really as Wednesday is my next day off work), and I'm about to go have a bath while reading a book. Which book I have not yet decided as I found about 50 that I want to read right now!

Better go turn the taps off and check the kittens aren't swimming!

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