Friday, January 21, 2005


I had a really good day today...until I got home.

Work was full of laughter, plus a confused look from Richard when a customer walked up to me and said "Too cold for pagans to dance around naked outside today". Richard wasn't sure whether it was some sort of code or something! (The gentleman in question once had a conversation with me about witches in Shropshire, and remembers to mention it to me when he comes in).

Then I got home and discovered that the computer has eaten all my files. I mean ALL my files. My area was still there but reset to a new clean area. All my word files and spreadsheets have vanished. So has my booklist.

So on Monday (my next day off) I shall be retyping that booklist from the paper list I had made on Wednesday, and then I shall be saving it to disc! (As the books are upstairs, I make a paper list and then put it into the spreadsheet to be sorted etc.)

So I shall be shopping for discs tomorrow.

BTW, the diet is going quite well, although I'm a bit short-tempered due to the lack of sugar. But Phoenix says I'm not as stroppy as when I have PMT so that's obviously all alright then!

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