Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm more relaxed than I have been in such a long long time.

Last week I had a week off work and I chilled.

Ok, so on the Saturday night I was rather ill due to attempting to drink the same amount of wine that I would beer...but I'd stopped being sick by 2pm Sunday and I was actually feeling better by the time the Canadian Grand Prix came on.

I've been to Merry Hill and Dudley Zoo.
I've played varying amounts of World of Warcraft.
I've watched some football...
...and some tennis too.
I've played with the cats.
I've done ALL the laundry (the washing up has all been done too).

And I've spent time sitting in the sunshine, drinking champagne (only one little bottle) and reading DiscWorld without a care in the world.

Life has been pretty damn good.

Now I'm back at work and the man who enabled me to have such a stunning week is working 11pm til 9am shifts this week so I probably won't see him until Saturday night (and it's my weekend in at work). Guess what? I don't care. I have a heavenly week to look back on, I actually ate something healthy for lunch (chicken and salad pittas that I made myself) and the cats have stopped fighting too.

Now that I've experienced proper chilling out, I may have to do it more often!


EmLah said...


MarkFarley said...

I thought you we're going blonde?

Kate said...

It's a lot blonder in person, honest!
They layered highlights all the way through (took 2 hours and cost £50) since there's still too much red left to block colour it.
Don't worry, it's blonder in real-life and it's getting lighter next pay day too.

MarkFarley said...

Blonder in real life?

It's ginga, it's not blonde.

Kate said...

Nope, not ginger. That's the red showing cos of the flash. The bits of red that made it so shiny in my profile pic are the stubborn bits left at the end!

Campbelli said...

I'm so glad you went to the zoo, we were going to go yesterday but they wouldn't let us in. Tried to tell me they were closed!! Closed!! Zoo's don't close for me you moron I want zoo and I want it now!!! Threw Nikki from big brother strop back at car till Jamie cried laughing. Managed not to kill girl in shop thingy. It was only 6 o'clock that's when all the animals come out to play. I know I've seen them as I drive past dammit!!