Friday, July 14, 2006


The other day I was sitting peacefully at the computer watching Foley running up and down the fence in the garden.

Then one of my neighbours came out and hit her with a broom so that she ran the length of the fence squalling and vanished.

Unsurprisingly I shot out into the garden to give the neighbour a piece of my mind (or as Anthony put it "to stick that broom where the sun don't shine").

But as I appeared in my garden the neighbour went inside, leaving me to fume.

Foley didn't reappear so eventually I went next door to see if they'd seen where she'd vanished to after they assaulted her.

Foley had apparently vanished into their garage full of junk, and after much crashing about by the lad, she reappeared and shot indoors.

What did the neighbour have to say about the hitting her with the broom? "We didn't realise it was your cat."

Fume, fume, fume...

I kept the cats in the next night but let them out last night and all day today (since I'm off work due to passing out after my blood test at the doc's earlier). No sign of anyone next door, but the cats have been mostly chasing flies rather than on the fence.

Foley is such a soft cat now. When I think of how she was in Feb, growling if you went to stroke her tummy, and now she sits on my shoulder and squeaks in my ear!

Although there are times...

Foley jumped on me just as I took this


EmLah said...

nice cows canada t-shirt ;)

Kate said...

I thought you'd notice that!