Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lovely Wolverhampton

They have built a £300,000 superloo just up the road from work.

I walked past it the other day on my way back from Subway.

"Oh, there's that superloo that was on the news...that attendant looks bored..."

"...and there's a small boy peeing in the doorway of the shop next door while his mother tells him to hurry up..."

Lovely, lovely Wolverhampton...


Ian said...


Like the site...yet to check out the new luxurious city centre loos!


Linda said...

There used to be a loo right by Nar West Bank, just up from Druckers, that you had to walk down stairs to get to. When I was at Wolverhampton Poly a girl I knew fell down it and her lasting injury was that she lost all sense of smell. Probably a good thing. :-) It closed soon after that.