Thursday, June 01, 2006


Time is odd for me at the moment. It's going all quick-slow-quick-slow-quick even more than it normally does.

I mean, there's the usual thing where my lunch hour goes 100 times faster than the hour I spend covering upstairs. But at the moment all time seems to be going really really fast. I last wrote here on Tuesday morning but it seems so much longer ago.

Things seem like they happened weeks ago rather than days ago. It feels like weeks since I went out with Anthony to meet his friends (and I was nervous) yet it was only Saturday night. Monday, we went to watch racing at Hednesford and that feels even longer ago.

Things I have been doing in this amazing long/short week include:

On Monday I managed to drop my phone into a glass of water. This was almost a total disaster but luckily it was saved by Anthony's quick thinking. The phone spent the night on the radiator and apart from a tiny bit of condensation in the screen on Tuesday morning it's been fine.

Tuesday I managed to forget that it was Tuesday as soon as I got home and therefore forgot to watch Lost. Since I'm off next Wednesday I shall just stay up on Tuesday night and watch two episodes back to back instead.

Other than that I have been playing WoW, thinking about selling things on eBay, actually selling a couple of PS2 games at the local CashConverters place, attempting to eat more fruit, playing with the cats, reading Sabriel, doing laundry and attempting to break bones by tripping down the stairs at work.

Tonight I am definately not going to play WoW, not even for a second or two.... I am going to watch the last ever episode of Charmed, do laundry, eat sensible dinner (not pizza) and do some sewing, probably.

Emily is coming to stay here for a night next week so that she can see her bloke in Birmingham (he's from Scotland so I'm not sure why he'll be in Birmingham but hey ho). I might let her meet Anthony, and I might even cook her some food.

PS: My hair currently looks very like that of my Yahoo Avatar. It's brown with blonde bits. It will be going blonder on the 21st June (day off after payday) and I promise to post an actual picture then.

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overnighteditor said...

Mmmm blondeness. Can't wait.