Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cafe Champagne

On Sunday night, after we had gone for a wander around the streets of Wolverhampton, Anthony decided he fancied a curry so we drove off to Cafe Champagne.

It's an Indian Fusion restaurant that everyone at work keeps raving about so we thought we'd go along and see what all the fuss was about.

We parked a few doors down and walked down to the restaurant passing a green Mini on the way.

Get inside, ask for a table for two and follow the waiter into the restaurant.

That's when it happens...


I look round startled.

"Kate, over here!"

I turn round to face the long table of 10-15 people (celebrating a birthday as the banners and balloons would seem to indicate) and RichieFingers appears from behind a pillar.

That's the thing about going to restaurants that everyone else loves, they'll probably be there too!

Richie confirmed that it was his Mini, that it was the birthday of his girlfriend's sister, and that work had been slowish that day.

He also asked me not to call him Richie.


"Because whenever Nik orders takeaway she does it under her surname which is James. They've been calling me James here for the last 2/3 years".

Sure enough, when Anthony went to pay the waiter asked him how he knew "James".

Oh, and the food was delicious indeed. I had lovely venison and enjoyed it muchly.


The scariest thing is that when I mentioned this to Campbelli yesterday she said "Oh! We nearly went there last night too. But we didn't cos I'd had a big roast lunch."

I think that would have been a little freaky. An unplanned work meet-up in an Indian restaurant where RichieFingers is known as "James".

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