Sunday, June 11, 2006


Oh my god, it's actually working!

I clicked out of habit, expecting the "this page cannot be found" page, and instead I actually got "create post"!!!

I'm even more shocked than I was when I flicked on MTV to discover Paris Hilton singing a little ditty while wearing a leopard print bikini and covered in artistic dabs of sand.

Yesterday I worked through half the England game (first half was my lunch break), serving about three people. Today I will be working through the British Grand Prix but hopefully serving a few more. After all, it's been sunny for a few days now and people must need new books to read in their gardens.

Hopefully this thing will still be working tonight and I can post a proper post, full of exciting comments on hedges, laundry, cross-stitching and Popular Psychology (one of my jobs today is to A-Z it again).


MarkFarley said...

You digging Paris, admit it!

Kate said...

Digging as in wanting to dig a hole to put her in...yes.

Seriously, when will she stop trying to get herself a "career" and reinvent herself as an actress/singer/model. She should just accept she's famous for having badly filmed sex in one of her family's hotels and leave it at that.