Friday, June 03, 2005

"We are on the brink of a new era, if only..."

(Beiderbecke quote, it just got stuck in my head!)

I don't think I've ever been quite so tired in my life. It's got to the point now where at 8pm I'm at that so tired you feel drunk stage! Last night it was still light when I went to bed and I've only managed to stay up this late today because I had a nap at work at lunchtime. I'm taking extra vitamins and iron and eating more veg and drinking more water and orange juice and I'm just getting tireder and tireder. Maybe I should just go back on the junk food diet. I want refined sugar!

I also keep waking up bang on 6am and then going back to sleep and having really vivid dreams.

They aren't dreams that make enough coherent sense for me to type them up, they tend to leave me with images and words rather than a story if you know what I mean. The last few mornings I've dreamt about cows, cooking, bootlaces, poppies, ballroom dancing, and sleeping on Glastonbury Tor (curled up with the kittens under lots of sheepskins).

This morning I had two rather more memorable dreams. The first one was about the Harry Potter midnight opening and trying to cope with the queue. We were selling the book (about two feet thick) in special baskets and it had no fixed price. I'd scan one book for someone and it would cost them £56 then the next customer bought three and only paid £3.60. I've been trying to sort things at work for this and it's obviously playing on my mind that we're not allowed to know the price til just before we get it (probably about 5 minutes before!).

The other dream was more of a memory as it's already happened. It was the day when Georgia was here and Mab took us all driving into Shropshire to eat chocolate biscuit cake and fish 'n' chips in Bishops Carsill/Cassell, to walk round the castle in Clun and then took us off over the mountains into Wales. I dreamed/remembered how lovely Georgias smile was, how I laid on the castle mound watching them climb up the other way, and how scared I was on the mountainside in Wales (not good with heights and crap night vision weren't a good combination then) and how I tried not to babble with terror too much. I dreamt/remembered the bits of the car ride home that I was awake for, rounding the side of the mountain and seeing what I can only describe as THE Harvest Moon, huge and gold in the sky. Watching the creatures appearing in the road in front of us getting larger and larger and waking up in time to sing at the traffic lights so they turned green and let us through.

I woke up feeling so so peaceful with the memory of that moon floating in my minds eye.

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That Was a Very Funny Evening.