Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Productive day so far...

I've managed to do quite a lot today, despite promising Phoenix I would take it easy so that my sciatica wouldn't flare up (couldn't walk on Monday so had to phone in sick).

I actually got a lie in until 8, then came down to play on the computer and listen to the news. The phone went at about ten and it was Brentwood Registry Office checking that we'd sent our marriage registration documents to them (which I had just yesterday) and saved me phoning them to check that was the right thing to do.

This meant I remembered I had a doctors appointment (just an asthma check-up) so I checked when that was and then went to hang out the washing.

Since it's lovely lovely weather here today (blue blue blue sky that hurts your eyes to look at) I hung it in the garden then decided to let the cats out to play while I sat in the sun. But then I noticed the hedge needed trimmin (it's the only green thing in our back garden barring my herb pot) so I fetched the secateurs and trimmed that back.

Then it was off to the doctors (a 5 minute walk) and when I came back I went and sat in the garden in a very skimpy top (and when I checked no-one could see, no top at all) and read Thornyhold and videoed the kittens pouncing on leaves, woodlice, bees and stray bits of air that caught their attention.

Then I thought I'd come in as I was going a little pink (despite the suncream) and that made me think I'd better wash-up.

Washing-up means finding sparky music to listen too and I turned on Magic in time to hear Drops of Jupiter, one of my favourite songs in the world. I washed-up until Celine Dion came on, then ran in here to turn off the TV and put Damh the Bard and CSN&Y on instead.

I also decided that since it's still so sunny I'd wash a load of bedding (can't dry it in the house, no room!) to add to the big load I did this morning.

So I have been productive on my quiet day off and I'm proud of myself.

Now for a little bit of Neopets and then some cross-stitch I think.

(spell check wanted to replace Neopets with neophytes and Celine with clone!)

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Kate said...

I just re-read all that and felt really, really tired!