Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More Horoscopes

This is my Yahoo Horoscope for today (yesterdays came from AstroCenter).

Capricorn Quickie: You're ready for more responsibility. With things in your hands, life is worry-free.

Capricorn Daily Overview: It's the old family and career tug-of-war, and you're stuck in the middle, being yanked wildly back and forth. How about letting go of the rope for just a moment or two so you can set your own priorities?

Capricorn Daily extended (by
Home isn't just a physical place or location. It's a state of mind -- and one that you can take with you. Remember that when worries about your place in the world or your family spring into your mind. Certain things about them -- that is, the most important things -- remain with you no matter what may change outwardly. So don't panic even if it seems like everything is changing. The most important stuff stays the same.

Aquarius Daily extended (by (Your Rising Sign)
Ever watched those cartoons where one character gets a brilliant idea and a huge light bulb goes off over her head? Well, get ready to be asked, 'What's up doc?' because cartoon light bulbs aplenty are going to be glowing over your ever ready noggin. All this inspiration might even lead to a long-lasting and profound discovery -- for both you and the people you care about.


Well I let go of the rope and phoned in sick again. I know it's not really making a decision, and there isn't one to make really as I am going back to work. But my whole world has changed again and I guess I just need some down-time to deal with it.

As for the home thing, I was so so horribly homesick on Sunday. I would love to be able to move back to Essex, to be able to sit in pubs and understand what people are talking about, to know the places and the people again. Just sitting in a pub on Brentwood High Street and hearing the girl at the next table talk about what she'd bought in "Chelmpsford" (there's not supposed to be a p in it, bit like Bishops Cassell/Carsill) and to know the places she was talking about was so nice.

We went over to Baggeridge late last night with Biz and Juell and wandered about in the rain annoying all the rabbits who wanted to eat their dinner. It was really lovely and I was amazed once again at the fact that it was so close to where we live, just a 10 minute drive and you're there. It's not being able to do the 10 minute drive that gets to me I think. Didn't notice it so much last year because we were always going places with Mab or making plans for going places and the year before I was working every weekend and Phoenix was working all the time. But this year I missed green. There was a surreal moment in the car when Juell was listing all the lovely places that were nearby and I realised I didn't know where any of them were. So this summer we're going to try going on local adventures to places. That should help a bit and then the rest, we'll see.

Everything is changing, and some bits are so horrible they can't be thought about. But I will get through it. I have my family, my friends and my faith, and I will get through it.

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