Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ok, maybe not that many!

I've always wanted a big family, at least 4 kids hopefully. Recently I've also decided that I might homeschool them, depending on what they want and local schools etc.

I saw a programme about these folks today, and got a little scared.

Ok first, I respect their right to bring their kids up how they choose, I'm just not sure that having that many kids (and giving them all J names), homeschooling them all and not really letting them mix with kids from other backgrounds is good. I just felt so sad when the 10 year old was saying that she looks forward to their new house cos it'll be easier for her to do the laundry.

I hope that no matter how many children I have, I can teach them to be open minded. I can teach them about all religions and let them make up their own minds. Most of all...I'm going to teach them to be children.


Shannon said...

I saw that program. They should really teach a course on how to organize a household.

I'd be first to sign up! I "only" have 3 kids and I don't have nearly the organized family they do.

And the kids want lots of kids too. I would think they would want to live like hermits as adults after growing up with so many people.

Shannon said...

Oh yeah, and I wanted to add that the parents seem so serene because the kids do all of the housework. Mom and dad just pop out the kids.

Martha O'Connor said...