Saturday, April 02, 2005


Todays horoscope:

Much as you'd like to spend this day off on your own, reading a good book and ignoring the barrage of incoming phone calls, the reality of your obligations simply won't allow it. But even though you manage to drag your body into motion, your mind is still cuddled up with an afghan in your favorite overstuffed armchair. Do your best to stay focused, though it won't be easy, KATE.

...and I've got work!

I got some books in the post from abebooks yesterday. The new Katie Fforde (which I read last night), Ludo and the Star Horse by Mary Stewart, and two Phil Rickman books, The Wine of Angels (which I've read before but want to own) and Candlenight (which I haven't read).

So think of me today dealing with stupid queries like:

"Where are your Shakespeare books?" "Actually, his PLAYS are over in the DRAMA section where anyone with half-a-brain would look, and you've just queued for FIVE minutes to ask me that without even looking at any shelves"

Not to mention the good old:

"When's Harry Potter coming out?" *points to very large sign on counter* "16th of July you muppet, but since you can't read this large sign you won't be wanting the book!"

I LOOOOOVE Saturdays at work......

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