Wednesday, April 13, 2005


My top finally arrived yesterday!

I really, really like it. Gorgeous Top It gives me fabulous cleavage for a start.

Now I just need the skirt to turn up and I've nearly done.

My necklace looks fabulous with the bodice. It's a tiny weeny bit long, but we should be able to fix that easily and if not I'll just have to keep fishing the horse out of my cleavage for folks to look at.

My tiara is cute (I'm working on a picture,,,) and now I just need some shoes.

The shoes could well be difficult. I need something with a tiny bit of heel, but it has to be a wedge heel or I'll fall over. Closed toe too.

This afternoon we're off to the registry office too, so that we can give notice and get everything sorted!

I'm off to hunt through the internet for some sparkly shoes, now I just need the invitations to arrive so I can start writing them!

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