Sunday, April 10, 2005

Lazy day

It's been nice and relaxing today.

I read a bit this morning, then came on the pc. Internet browsing and Sims house building followed. Jason came downstairs looking a tad rough (he, Bizkitt and Phoenix went out drinking last night and Jason stayed over) and drank black coffee until his brain was reconnected.

Then I re-started the Simpsons game on the playstation (I'd got all the way to the end and just fancied starting again) and we spent the afternoon playing Simpsons (me) football games (Phoenix) and listening to Kerrang.

This song came on and made me think.
It was this line in particular: "Nothing ever smells of roses that rises out of mud".

But roses do rise from mud. Adding manure makes them grow even better.

It made me realise that all this shit will just make me stronger in the long run. All this manure will just help me to grow taller, and greener, and to have beautiful big blooms.

So roll on summer, I'm ready to bloom again.

Orange and Yellow Rose
Pink and White Rose
Cream and Red Rose

All those roses have reminded me that I've got to get onto the florist to see if they can track down the roses that I want for my bouquet. (Very dark red with yellow snips on - saw them once, in Chelmsford, three years ago).

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