Monday, October 16, 2006

Time Flies

Saturday was a day of many different things, which meant that it felt like several days rolled into one.

Anthony and Alf came round about 11 in the end and after Alf fixed my anti-virus we went shopping and then spent the afternoon talking bollocks and drinking.

We went out to Cafe Champagne for dinner and took another couple of Anthony's mates, Mick and Sarah, with us. Choosing the curries took longer than eating them in the end, with Alf going for Kangaroo and Anthony for Ostrich. Both very nice, but not as nice as my Chicken Asanak...mmmmmm.

I'd sent Miss Campbelli a text to say we were there and that it had made me think of her, and she texted back to say that she was in town if we wanted to meet up.

So after dropping off Mick and Sarah (and stopping off at home so Anthony could borrow my Wrangler boots as he only had trainers) we set off to meet Campbelli and Jamie at Walkabout.

Got in there, and spotted her at the other end of the bar so walked over.
Campbelli turns round and glances at me, then turns away again.
Jamie looks at me slightly puzzled.
I say hello...
Campbelli turns round again...

it took her a good 5 seconds to realise that I was me - and then she squealed!

Apparently I am very, very, very blonde!

Lots of giggling and chatting for an hour or so before they headed off for a curry (not at Cafe Champagne as Jamie called us "Jammy, Jammy Fuckers" for having been there) and we went home as we were all knackered.

So six months ago I was out on the town like this, and now Miss Campbelli can't recognise me, even in the same outfit!

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