Friday, October 27, 2006

Guilt Tripped

I've meant to post every day this week, but life has been busy - now I've been guilt-tripped into it I shall try and entertain.

I had a lovely three day weekend when I did not a whole lot. Got my hair cut by Anthony's cousin, went to Hobbycraft for thread, wandered into Boots and tried perfumes (Sui Love is yummy but Angel made me want to vomit) and watched the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Monday and Tuesday I got to go back to work! I wandered happily through fiction and put up shelf-stips in Sci-Fi and Crime. Then I got worried about Phil when he told me I shouldn't go down to the woods because the teddy bears were having a picnic. I think he's ok now, the medication had kicked in when I phoned him this afternoon.

Wednesday was a day off (since I'm at work tomorrow) and I spent the afternoon watching Torchwood and Roswell while making a New Home card for my friend Laura (who's just moved house surprisingly) after making my house all clean and shiny - which took about 45 minutes thanks to FlyLady.

I've just spent my last two days at the uni, pulling returns, doing paperwork and sighing at customers who really don't seem smart enough to be going to university (especially since they all seem to be law students!).

Other than all that stuff I've been thinking about Christmas (I know, I know) and what I can get/make people, the fact that I'm back at work tomorrow and have no more uni shifts (fingers crossed), books I want to buy, books I own that I really should read/reread, which perfumes I should sample next (since Anthony is still being obsinate about buying me Waterstone's vouchers for Christmas/my birthday), why I have to wait til Jan for the new WoW expansion pack, why I had a dream about some guy from Animal Park getting run over on the M5 and how much I'm looking forward to going to see the Bonzos with my dad in two weeks.

So you see I have actually been busy. Honest.

I am going to try to update more, if only to make Mark smile before he heads off to deal with Christmas customers.

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It's not the customers I have to worry about this Christmas...