Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One Day In History

Today was a pretty normal day for me,woken at 6 by boyfriend going to work, then I go back to sleep til 7 then up and onto the internet to check news, weather, blogs etc.
Headed off to work at 8.15, I usually work in a chain bookshop (Waterstone's) in central Wolverhampton but at the moment I'm covering a colleagues maternity leave so I'm based up at the university. This means leaving slightly earlier as I have to open up the shop.
Lovely misty morning to walk though, saw the old guy who stands outside his house most mornings and waved to him. I've created a playlist on my iPod nano for my morning walk - upbeat songs so that I walk fast and get myself going for the day ahead. Needless to say the evening playlist is nice and relaxing!
Work was the usual, serving students who seem unimpressed by the prices they have to pay for textbooks. It's hard to resist pointing out to them that they are investing in their future. I just know that they'll point out that I can't have gone to uni - I did, but found out that being good at a school subject doesn't mean it's a career for you. I miss working at my usual store, want to be selling lovely fiction books rather than law textbooks.
Home by 6, and time to fuss my two cats for a little while and to sort out my budget for the coming month. Payday is Friday and I have a 21st birthday present to buy for my baby sister, plus I have bills to pay and need to attempt so save for Christmas.
My boyfriend Anthony comes home around 7, he doesn't live here, but sometimes it feels like he does. The weeks he's on a sensible shift (lorry driver so he works nights and all sorts) he tends to stay here since other weeks I hardly see him. I cook us chinese for tea, first time I've cooked noodles but it works out well. I'm trying to do one new thing a week this year, and cooking proper chinese food with noodles was this weeks new thing.
Then we stick the footie on (Man U in the Champions League) and snuggle down on the sofa with the cats until it's time for bed at 10. Naturally I have to take a book up with me, and in honour of this blogging thing I'm reading 'Our Hidden Lives', a collection of extracts from the Mass Observation Project. This collection is post-war entries, I've already read 'We Are At War' which features entries from during WWII.
I finally get to sleep about 11, listening to a CD of the ocean to drown out the sounds of police sirens that seems to be the normal night-time melody of Wolverhampton.


MarkFarley said...

Checking this blog daily is so fucking maddening. xx

Anonymous said...

oh mark i feel your pain i mea i thought mine was bad!