Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grumpy People

I'm up early today cos I can't breathe properly when I'm lying down and so I thought I might as well get up.

However it means I caught the end of one of the BBC news programmes that I like the least, Newswatch. Not because of the presenter, who's a nice enough guy, but because of the people who are on it each week.

This week I caught a video from a guy who was bitching about the fact that BBc news presenters are sometimes standing, sometimes sitting. The fact they use each others names when talking to each other, the fact that they nod and smile at each other and sometimes talk directly to each other instead of at the camera (the example he showed was when Chris was showing Dermot and Kate some new hi-tech sports wear).

Now this is the very reason I watch the BBC news. The presenters come across as people, with their own personalities and interests. I like the fact they tease Declan in the morning and the fact that they mentioned when Sian had her baby. (I also love the fact that one presenter is just back from maternity, two are on it, and two more are pregnant - must be something about the programme).

I missed last weeks but the week before was I think the one where someone was saying that Richard Hammonds crash should not have been a headline as he wasn't a celebrity and the BBC were descending into tabloid television. Perhaps he was right, but when they interviewed him and he came across as a bloke who only listens to classical music (not that classical is bad but variety is the spice of life), always wears a tie, and only ever reads "worthy" novels - I realised that a headline about anybody who wasn't a politician would probably have provoked the same response from him.

I should really try to not watch it, but I do so love the stupid things that people complain about, and the reactions of the presenters when they cut back to the news after the programme. Today Bill turned straight to Louise and said "Hello Louise" and then they both started laughing. Perfect.

If you don't like watching the news people being human, put ITV on or something. But of course you can't do that...that really would be tabloid news.


MarkFarley said...

Oh, but Miss Petronella... wiz all zeez posts you are spoiling us....

MarkFarley said...

More of a Sky News man, me... Ubiquotous and sensationalism round the clock in true war mongering Rupert Murdoch Style.

Anonymous said...

i think everythingshould be like in anchorman cos then the dude would be begging the beeb to get the people back he had before.

and yes wiff zee postss yow ist spoilink uzz (confused heritage)


(the thingy sed i ai jew hehe)