Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Lazy day off...

...well not really!

I've cleaned the bathroom today. Haven't finished yet as I'm waiting for the floor to dry before I can go back in and put the rug back down etc. It's the current FlyLady zone you see, and I thought I might as well see how long it would take. I gave myself 15 minutes and had done most of it in that time, so I added another 15 which was plenty of time in which to clean the bath and sweep the floor (dustpan and brush as I figured that doing it that way would make me more aware of how dirty it had been, plus the vac was upstairs!).

I've also been tatting about on Amazon while I ate my lunch and came across a few nice surprises.

DiscWorld Almanak

Darwin's Watch: Science of DiscWorld III

DiscWorld Calendar

Going Postal

I knew about Going Postal and the Almanac, and was expecting the calendar, but Darwin's Watch is a very pleasant surprise...I just have to be patient until May 5th 2005 now!

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