Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fabulous Calendar!

We had the new calendars in at work today and I was putting stock out in kids while Sarah C unpacked them.

She came over and said "I'm sorry for showing you this now when we don't get paid until Monday, but it's just perfect for you and I wanted you to see it before they all got pinched."

Ecological Wall Calendar 2005

She's's perfect!

It has four sheets that each cover the period from solstice to equinox. ie the winter one goes from Yule through to Ostara. The sheets have the dates along the bottom and beautiful pictures all the way along them. They show tide heights and periods, the moon cycle, what nature is doing at each point in the year and what stars you can see in the sky.

The back of each sheet then has a more detailed look at what's on the main page, but they're not on the back of themselves if you know what I mean! The detailed stuff for the winter one is on the back of the summer sheet and vice versa, the smae for spring and autumn. This way you can have the main side and the detailed side showing at the same time!

I'm buying this on Monday and will probably be putting it up above my desk (when I get one) so that I can look at it lots. I'll still have my DiscWorld one downstairs though, as the Eco one doesn't have spaces for writing in really, there's enough room to note a birthday maybe, but that's it.

I can't wait to buy it on Monday and bring it home to my house!!!!

BTW, for those Wulfrun people reading this, we only have 5 in stock so I don't know how long they'll last but I can reserve them for you!

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Anonymous said...

See? i knew I should have had that one yesterday! I spotted several other books too...hmmm, now if I can just win the lottery, all will be good!

PS - ((((((Kate)))))