Thursday, September 30, 2004

Fed up

Fed up with the Grove at the moment.

I stayed on there after the Glastonbury thing because there are people on there that I adore. I put up with emails from Mods telling me not to be negative onlist (when I wasn't) and then having my replies to them ignored. I put up with getting nasty emails from people who are members of the Grove, because even if I'd complained no-one would have done fuck-all.

The list is all scratchy and wrong at the moment. I'm the only one left of the group from Glastonbury, the others have all stopped reading or been pushed off...I'm just too bloody minded to let them do this to me.

So I shall stay and read the bits that interest me, the time when I would read all messages is now gone. I just feel that at the moment I'm not getting the support I need from the place....this whole "tough love" thing is just annoying me too much. Tough love should be an offlist thing, and veiled remarks about "past negativity" should be responded too with the emails I got asking me to keep that stuff off-Grove - as I did.

There's only so many times I can be told that I should have avoided the person that was pissing me off - when I did avoid them and that's what started the problem.

That I should just block them, well to be honest I knew bugger-all about blocking energy before then, and when I tried to block at first I got more swamped by the energy that was being sent. So my blocking skills have improved 500% and I' just glad my Jamie could help me block the nightmares.

Now I don't have kids to go play with and receive love from, but I have my kittens and my Phoenix. So I shall go play, and forget them and their sideways snide remarks.


Shonna said...

I would dearly love to know who of the Mods did not respond to your emails, and what I would also like to know is this: how is keeping what went down in Glastonbury OFF THE LIST a bad thing when 95% of the list wasn't there and had fuck all to do with it?! If your problem, Kate, is with me and how I ran the list up to yesterday when I fucking LEFT the list, then take it up with me. All I'd asked is that if you had issue with people to keep it offlist, on blogs is fine but off the list proper was ALL I asked.....unless it's that you perhaps didn't feel enough people would see if you did that? As to people being pushed off or leaving, well...the only one I know about was Andy leaving and he and I spoke about that and we're fine.....if there were others, well how the FUCK could I be expected to fix things if I wasn't made aware? *shrugs* I'm not that sort of psychic.....and as to the tough love.....*shrugs yet again* that's simply how I deal with people who I care about who refuse do deal for themselves. If you'll notice, Ivy's still in college and Ebs has got out of bed for the first time in a week. It must not be THAT bad if it's fucking HELPING the people it's meant to help. Then again, that's just me.....there's been enough fall out for me to leave the list, at least for a while, that I started....

The internet's a rather large place, darlin, room enough for us all without being stuck on a list you hate, yeah?

Perhaps what you need to do is start a list of your own where you can bash Witchgrove and everyone on it to your heart's content. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Okay Kate,

I'm sure there are more people that are curious what really happened on that Glastonbury trip. Who did what and why?

Either spill the beans or get over yourself!

Aine Faye

Hela said...

gads're hurting and I'm so sorry. I love you. I miss you, and your chocolate cake and pink lemonade. I miss your glitter and laughter in the Grove. Don't take on other people's shite, it's not about you, it's about them needing to look in the mirror. Your kitties are adorable sweets ~

Georgia said...


I'm sorry you're still hurting but let it go. Either that or grow some balls and instead of hinting around as to someone sending energy etc... Say who is doing it. These innuendos are just a veil for something else you want secretly but don't want to go right out and say it. If it's about me say it. I'm adult and can handle it. However I know that it's not me but if you feel like it is then that's your demon to fight not mine.

As for emails not being answered I answered the one and only one you sent me and you failed to respond in kind. I thought you and I had set things right but apparently it was a ruse on your part. I never had anything against you nor sent any energy towards you.

Stop please stop beating around the bush grow some balls point your finger and say it. People are getting tired trying to figure out who you mean.

So let's hash this thing out here and now and get it over with.

PS. Your kittens are really adorable.

Anonymous said...

U know fuck this

When my brother was lieing dieing you said i know ill stir up the shit bout whatever happened in glastonbury. U waited till the minute the group couldnt cope with it and you put the boot in. and guess what when i told Shonna to tell you to get my brothers blog off ur blog because you didnt give a shit she asked me to please leave it coz she didnt want to cause any more upset than was there

when u said something else and it was clear it was jo you was slagging off, jo asked me not to say nothing coz it would cause trouble in the grove. i asked jo what happened in glastonbury and she wouldnt tell me.

then i got accused of sending you anon emails and jo threatned to break my legs for me if it turned out to be me. i didnt send you nothing but i was angry enough coz every time the grove goes up you post something in your blogto stir it up. ive been watching and rhees been watching. i wont tell you rhees nickname for you but shes only not said something about my brothers blog being on your blog because shonna asked her not to

another time i was getting pissed off and i talked to georga about you and she defended you.

thts 3 of the mods covered. is it anna or roxanne?????? someones not listning to ur complaints but i know for a fact its not jo who threatned me on your part

i see another member of my family already asked what happned in glastonbury. were all dieing to know.

witchgrove is shonnas home. we are her guests. if you dont like it fuck off out of it. if you do like it deal with it with the ppl it concerns and leave the rest of us out of it. but get my brothers blog off ur blog coz no1 who could give a shit bout him cud have wasted time when he was dieing stirring up shit in the grove he loved

u can take that as comein from rhiannon coz she said the groves calmed down today then said to me check her blog coz shes bond to have stirred it up again. shes right.

shonna held me and my family together when we needed it. shes worth 1000 of u. jo u can break my legs for this if u want but its a long time comeing. mods im sorry i didnt respect what u asked of me but its time the kid gloves come off. ill leave witchgrove if u want me to


Kate said...

Wooo! Issues much?