Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Cute balls of fluff have taken over my life.

We got our kittens yesterday!

The lady arrived with a cardboard box containing 5 kittens and we were invited to take our pick. She tried to check what sex they all were and they seemed to all be male so we had five to choose from. At first I liked this almost all black one but it was very very shy and scared and not interacting with any of the other kittens. So we picked one that looks like he has a goatee and another one that kept winking at me.

The lady left and we watched the little things play. First of all they didn't realise the other one was still there, but then they started playing together, fighting the sheet that hangs over the futon and killing vicious bits of cotton too.

Jamie came round just as we manage to get them to eat and she was laughing at them pushing each other around to get at the food.

We had decided to call them Foley and The Luggage (one wrestling name, one DiscWorld name) and Foley is the kitten with the goatee, absolutely bonkers. Chasing his tail in the middle of the floor and doing somersaults when he turns round too fast. The other kitten is quieter and I started to think that The Luggage wasn't going to be a suitable name. After Jamie left they both fell asleep and it was then that we checked and saw the other kitten was a girl.

So I was thinking of female DiscWorld names, like Angua and Tiffany. I quite liked Tiffany as the kitten changes from frantic motion to sitting and thinking, but my sister said it was an Essex name so we've decided on Esmerelda, Esme for short.

Foley has a white face with a black goatee, slightly more white on his shoulders and black front legs. Esme has a white face and white front legs. They both have black patches on their back knees and white tummies.

Last night we decided to sleep downstairs with them and we got into bed after they'd settled into their baskets. But Esme decided she wanted to sleep with us and she came and curled up next to my pillow.

This morning they've had breakfast, used the litter tray, fought the fridge monster, fought each other and Esme washed Phoenix's hand too.

Now I need to go play with my kitties again! (You'll get some photos when we manage to take some!)

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